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Unconventional Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie is so last season, especially when people are now choosing to go the alternative route for date nights.

Do you have a date lined up, but are struggling on where to go or what to do?
LoveSphere has a list of 5 simple yet unconventional date ideas that will not only leave your date impressed, but will definitely be one to remember.

1. Breakfast (or Brunch):
What better way to start the day than fuelling up with the one you love. Whilst leaving you thinking about that person for the rest of the day, it can also be a much cheaper option than dinner.

2. City (Town) Tour:
Spending the day together whilst playing the tourist can be a lot of fun. You can hop on and off a tour bus or bike it round Town; either way you’re sure to create memories, and pick up a thing or two about where you live.

3. Stand Up Comedy:
Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and this really is a no brainer when it comes to un-easing nerves (for a first date).
This light-hearted date option will leave you relaxed and open for the quintessential free flowing conversation that follows.

4. Hiring a rowing/ paddle boat:
This can not only be very romantic, but also an intimate way of getting to know each other in what could be a serene setting.
Note of caution: Not a good idea if your date doesn’t like the idea of being on water, or you know you don’t have the stamina to row/ paddle unassisted.

5. Share a new experience:
Always wanted to do something different, unique or just down right outrageous, then why not share that experience with your date.
Whether it’s making a pizza together, learning to salsa or even bungee jumping out of a plane, you’re bound to find something that will leave the two of you wanting more.

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